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Daft Punk is two French musicians who make up what is known as an electrical musical duet that use synthetic noise to make their music. When the band first came out into the world the people were in frenzy with this new metallic sound which came not from people singing or playing the old school instruments but with lights and electronic lasers dancing around the room. New dances where created for this electronic music and dance move where never the same. Raves became a popular pastime for the youth of Great Brittan and Europe where thousands of participants your dance to dizzying beats out of giant amplifiers. They made their way with popularity in 1996 after being discovered by a very popular talent agent and offered a lucrative record deal that would keep them going well into their future. Ed Banger Records have had their contract for many years until 2008 when the band decided it was time for a change.

1997 Album – Homework – had 16 songs including Da Funk the original classic which is still played on radio and music television programs regularly. Alive was another hit song from this album however the song Around the World was also another number one in many different countries.

2005 Album – Human After All – was only 10 songs long with most of these averaging four and a half minutes pre song. The beat of the music was still in relative to the original classics from their first album.

2007 Album – Alive 2007 – Robot Rock and Burn It where two of the songs everyone will remember from their big nights out clubbing as Daft Punk has done it again.

Daft Punk has won several awards for best Electronic Band, Best Dance Recording and Best Dance Album from some of the highest awards in the music industry. Their talent has taken then to great heights as celebrities and entertainers which mean that we will hear more from the Daft Punk band sooner or later. Their last concert tickets sold for nearly two hundred pounds for the best seats while the average rave party would have been a cool twenty with change to spare.

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